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Holiday Gift Guide 2016 edt

Hello there!
It is that time of the year again! Have you bought the presents for your favorite people yet? I  have hardly completed the list for this year, so I thought I ‘d share some of the things that will work just perfect in case you are still searching!

For your bestie!

For the bestie.jpg shirt  2.nail lacquer set  3.daily journal  4.friendship bracelet 

For your man!


1.card holder 2.velvet hoodie 3.grooming kit 4.retro casio

For mom and dad!

for mom and dad.jpg

1.recipe box and white cardigan 3.leather gloves 4.chess and flask set

stocking fillers for all!

stocking-fillers print  2.marbled mug candle 4.infinity scarf


Paris Diaries | The one with the views

I firmly believe that whenever you are, there will always be something worth photographing. Now, add to that the fact that you are wandering the streets of Paris and I bet you agree with me, that all this multiplies..

So, here are some of my favorite views from the city of light!3483a69382e5d57f6219ceff47cb9412Le Pont d’Alexndre

dscn3394Paris at dusk from Montmartre

Le Seine

dscn3527Les Champs de Mars from atop the Eiffel Tower

dscn3630The golden dome under which Napoleon lies

img_3718Les bouquinistes and the Notre Dame Cathedral in the background

img_3849The Arc de Triomph

img_3855Le pyramid du Louvre as seen from the inside of the museum

img_3900Pont des Arts (without the famous lockets anymore)

img_20160904_164117Place de la Concorde

metroJust a passing by metro

You can see more from my Paris here and here!



Sunday Reading #Vol14

Dogs and human friends’ Then and now.

Do any of you guys have a pet? If yes, then you probably will relate to this post that I stumbled upon a few days ago…

Without many words, just sit back and enjoy these amazing photos of best friends trying to recreate some old ones..












The children grew and so did their pet friends. But the most important thing is they are still  together!


A little bit of Christmas Travel Guide


With Christmas and New Year waiting just down the corner, we barely have anytime to pack a suitcase with our fanciest clothes, grab our other half or best friend or anyone (or even no one) and land in one of those dreamy Christmas destinations!



Stay at the Ritz Hotel, drink lots of Champagne, eat tons of macaroons, visit the Louvre, shop at the Lafayette Gallery, stroll by the Seine!



Stay at the May Fair Hotel, drink whiskey with your heart, dine at a Jamie Oliver ‘s restaurant, shop at Harrods and of course make a call from one of the iconic red phone booths!

New York!


Stay at the Plaza Hotel, drink trendy cocktails, eat American style steaks, shop at Bloomingdale’s and Barneys, cross Brooklyn bridge, visit the Guggenheim museum!



Stay at the Grand Hotel, drink Glue Weihn, eat local sausages, shop at the countless flea markets, walk this gorgeous city around!



Stay at the Four Seasons Hotel, shop on the Magnificent Mile, attend a live Jazz concert, eat gourmet and ethnic food, drink beer and enjoy the town views from the John Hancock Observatory!



Stay at the Fermont Le Chateau Frontenac, taste the local specialties, walk on the snow, shop at the Petit Champlain District, make sure to visit Montmorency Falls Park!



Stay at Eden Au Lac, drink hot chocolate, eat as much chocolate as you can and then bring some more back home, visit the galleries on Raemistrasse, check out the Conelli Christmas circus, buy a Swatch watch just for the sake!

As for me, I will be right here this holiday season… hosting Christmas for our family, enjoying the merriment of the days and spending my birthday among the people that I love the most!


Paris Diaries | The one with all the walking

I  have told you that the we actually went to Paris because a very old and dear friend was getting married there. That means that we woke up on Sunday with a huge hangover and an exhaustion like never before.. Although,  we did not want to waste our day laying in bed so we decided to walk it off!


We left our hotel which was at a residential area in the 19th arrondisment (which is way off the center of the city as you have it in mind, but we were a block away fro my friend’s home), had an expresso double and some croissants and headed at Hotel de Ville’ the city hall.



We passed by the area quickly since we had been there before and walked to Centre Pompidou where we spent some time at the Igor Stravinsky  fountain and then visited some of the exhibitions of the museum.


street artist outside the Centre Pompidoustrav1elephanthat

Igor Stravinsky fountain

DSCN3484.JPG.jpgtwo of the many art installations that caught my eye

Next stop was the Notre Dame Cathedral, but first coffee!

coff.jpg dscn3430

browsing through the Bouquinist stalls was absolutely amazing. For a few euros, we bought some vintage magazines and a couple of posters


standing in front of Notre Dame gives you a weird feeling. That majestic temple stuns me every time I visit it


the man holding his head in his hand is Saint Denis.. He was a bishop when the Ottomans beheaded him and according to the myth, he took his head in his hands and walked away.


in case you are familiar with the architecture of the catholic churches, all the different “sections” you notice inside the cathedral, are in fact little chapels


do not neglect walking a bit around. As you can see above, that temple is beautiful from all corners!

As time went by, the skies grew heavier so we debated with the idea of returning to our hotel. Finally we made one last stop before we call it a day…

img_3738gazing the Seine canals


who said that the best view of the Eiffel tower is from Trocadero?dscn3527

watching over Champs de Mars


city views all the way up to the Montmartre and the Sacre Coeur from the top of the Eiffel Tower


You can see more from my Paris here!


Wednesday Wantlist #Vol18

Those rings are seriously gorgeous!

il_570xn-677289315_12jf                                                                                    via here

So is this duvet!

c02bec64e8fef77043e7cc5248c534dbvia here

I actually own one just like that in black. Do you think buying it in burgundy would be too much?

d1658188c7d34399a089b0f8327b1109via here

I need it! That rose gold washi tape would be perfect for hanging photos from our trip to Paris!

il_570xn-988345614_fv3avia here

Books,books and more books please!

via here

The last weekend of October we are having an engagement party and we are thinking instead of hiring a photographer, we could use these disposable cameras for a more candid vintage style!

il_570xn-779109209_j5yvvia here

Now, I understand that these may not be to everyone’s taste, but they are certainly are to mine…

21709001-f21709001-t21709001-r1via here

The worst ME!

So… for the last few days, I have been bumping onto these posts and videos of people talking about the not so beautiful aspects of their character. And they all are so cute little quirks and funny stuff and come on! You cannot be all that good and only me be such a shitty person! So just for the heck, I am breaking the cliches here people!

Here are the worst things about me. The awful truth, nothing more, nothing less.

  • I procrastinate like nobody’s business! I say that I work better on the eleventh hour, but honestly that is just because I ‘ve spent the previous 10 hours procrastinating.
  • I am moody. It is hormonal and I cannot help it. People around me just live with it.
  • I am selfish in many ways. Not in that awful way, but it is still pretty annoying.For example, I always think that the best way of doing something is my way.
  • I am annoying. If I want something from you, I won’t stop nagging you until I get what I want.
  • I usually do not like people. Like no, I won’t interact with them no matter what.
  • I am diagnosed with GAD. I live in stress and fears and if that is tiring to me, I cannot imagine how hard it is for my loved ones.
  • I curse a lot when I am pissed off. Bad bad bad language!
  • I smoke. I like it. I refuse to quit. Yes I know it is bad for me. My fiance says it about 50 times a day!
  • I delete people easily. No second thoughts, no second chances.
  • If I know something for sure, I know something for sure. If you come questioning you are stupid and I won’t talk to you any more. Except to tell you that you are stupid.

    Just so you know, I would like to change some of the above but I am afraid that you cannot teach new tricks to an old wolf!
    So… what do you think? Do we share any bad qualities? What is the worst thing about yourself?